June 25, 2015

Xeos Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the release of the new APOLLO combination Iridium/LED flasher. The APOLLO is the latest in Xeos’s line of equipment to aid in the recovery of ocean assets.

With constant requests for a combination VHF/LED unit over the past couple of years, Xeos knew the industry was looking for a specific combination of features. As a company used to leading the industry in technological developments, Xeos realized that a combination Iridium/LED unit would satisfy customer requirements into the future based on the declining use of stand-alone VHF beacons and the increase of Iridium enabled beacons. 

The new APOLLO unit combines all the best features of Iridium communication beacons and LED Flashers. A few of the defining advantages of the APOLLO include: 

  • Up to 10 years deployment on Alkaline batteries
  • Latest GPS technology 
  • Selectable command to turn flasher on via Iridium
  • Full ocean depth rating of 11,000m
  • Rugged all-titanium enclosure design
  • Remote Configuration via BT4.0 Bluetooth or Iridium
  • Anti-Piracy/Covert operation Mode


One of the primary benefits of the Iridium beacon is the ability to receive a real-time GPS location.

"With older style VHF beacons, customers were out on the deck with a handheld "direction finder" trying to find their equipment, sometimes in very harsh conditions. The APOLLO can receive a real-time GPS location from virtually anywhere and then relay the beacon's current coordinates, allowing users to quickly steam off to pick up their gear.” says Xeos Technology’s Director of Business Development, Darren Penney.

The Xeos APOLLO is a fundamental improvement over older technology and provides a single unit that will meet and exceed any requirements for depth, extended deployments, non-corrosive material construction, as well as the enhanced capabilities of a combination GPS/Iridium/LED flasher. For more information about Xeos Products or XeosOnlineTM, please contact sales@xeostech.com.

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