Surface Buoy Monitoring Beacon
Freezing cold salt water for 2 straight years? Perfect.

MELO is an independently powered, self-contained satellite transceiver packaged in a ruggedized, UV protected, marine grade housing suitable for attachment to various surface buoys and navigational markers. Melo makes use of the low power, real time Iridium satellite constellation and GPS to reliably transmit the buoy’s position location automatically or on demand at any time.

Available Accessories

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MELO-BP - Replacement Battery Pack for MELO MELO-BP
Key Features: 
  • Housing is watertight to 10 meters
  • Independently powered beacon with user replaceable batteries
  • 2-Way command and control functions
  • Compact size (28” long X 3” OD)
  • LED on/off visual indicators
  • Internal integrated antennas
  • Low cost SBD Iridium service
  • GPS data logging option (2 MB)
Battery SupplyOne piece, 18D Cell Alkaline Batteries
Battery Capacity18 Ampere-Hours
Battery lifetime2 Years normal reporting or over 3,000 bi-directional messages
Dimensions28" L x 3" outside Diam
MaterialUV Protected ABS
Internal ChassisAluminium
End CapScrew off, O-Ring Sealed
Depth RatingWatertight to 10 m
Operating Temperature-30 deg C to +60 deg C
Iridium Transceiver9601-D-I
Frequency1616 to 1626.5 MHz
AntennaPatch type
GPS Receiver20 Channel Sirf III Chipset, -159 dBm Sensitivity

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