Miniaturized Iridium Asset Tracker
Worldwide Asset Security

The Onyx is an Iridium based remote tracking platform specifically designed for simultaneous tracking of multiple assets. Combining global communication capabilities through the Iridium network, pinpoint GPS location information and power conservation strategies, the Onyx packs a powerful punch in its tiny form factor.

Designed for reliability in a wide variety of applications, the Onyx thrives in harsh environments and difficult installations. The applications are endless: personnel tracking, vessel/container tracking, or asset tracking. Globally accessible, rugged and with proven high performance results.

Available Accessories

Description SKU
Nano Shout GSM Nano Shout GSM
Nano Shout with Touch Screen Nano Shout TS
ONYX Adptr - Car Power Adapter for Onyx ONYX-Adptr
ONYX-BP - External Battery Pack for ONYX ONYX-BP
ONYX-CASE - Hard Carrying Case for ONYX ONYX-CASE
ONYX-PWR - Power Cable for ONYX ONYX-PWR
Key Features: 
  • Flexible power management
  • Integrated GPS & Iridium antennas
  • Integrated magnetic mount
  • All in the size of a ring box!
Dimensions47.5mm x 36.6mm x 27.9mm (1.87" x 1.44" x 1.10")
Sleep<500 uA
Transmission~50 mA (Avg 30 s)
Power ConnectorHirose 6 pin, HR-30 series
Iridium Transceiver9603
Iridium AntennaIntegrated
GPS ReceiverXeos Technologies 48 Channel GPS
GPS AntennaIntegrated
Operational Temperature-40 deg C to +60 deg C

Available Models

SKU Product Product image
ONYX ONYX Miniature Satellite Tracker
ONYX-I ONYX-I Miniature Integrated Satellite Asset Tracker
ONYX-R Miniature Global Iridium Asset Tracker

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