Global Access Remote Control Device
Looking for seamless remote access to your sensor data?

The XI-100 terminal provides you with a robust and rugged transmission platform for all your remote sensor data. Any sensor capable of transmitting data via an Ethernet connection can be connected to the XI-100, instantly providing world wide communication capabilities. With the integrated Iridium transceiver the XI-100 is able to transmit emails via the SBD mode or facilitate a high bandwidth peer to peer connection.

Key Features: 
  • Embedded TCP/IP server
  • View your remote equipment’s web pages from your office PC
  • Control power, download data, view health status
  • Ethernet enabled
  • Xeos proprietary heater system modification allows transmissions possible down to -55 deg.
  • Ultra-Low standby power consumption
  • Allows continuous circuit switched connections
Size10.75" x 4.25" x 3.5"
Weight4 lbs
Sleep current450 uA
SBD Message Transmit current150 mA (15 s)
RUDICS Connection (no heaters)350 mA
RUDICS Connection (heaters)700 mA
Iridium Modem type9522B Iridium Transceiver
GPS ReceiverXeos Technologies 12 CHannel GPS
GPS AntennaActive Helical
Operational Temperature-55 deg C to +60 deg C

Available Models

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Iridium SMS Short Message Service

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