Self-Contained Submersible Iridium MicroBeacon
Totally Deep, Totally Global

The XMi-11K is an independently powered, self-contained Iridium beacon that is fully submersible to 11,000 m (36,089 ft). This beacon has been designed to protect your valuable assets and make their recovery even easier. The XMi-11K features an ultra low power water sensor to optimize battery life while ensuring you will be notified of any surfacing event. The enclosure is all titanium with a solid state surface sensor and an optional remote head.

Key Features: 
  • Miniaturized design in a titanium enclosure
  • User selectable transmit frequencies
  • Available remote head
  • Solid state surface sensor
  • Configuration control via smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Low power consumption for extended deployments
  • Pole-to-pole coverage through the Iridium system
Base Function2-way Iridium Communication
Programmable IntervalsGPS Location & transmission of data
Supply VoltageStandard Enclosure: 6 AA batteries (alkaline or Lithium) OR
Standard Enclosure: 9 x CR123A lithium batteries
Optional Enclosure: 7 x CR123A lithium batteries
Operational Lifetime - Standard EnclosureAA (Lithium): 2 years subsurface, 77 days at surface
CR123A: 2 years subsurface, 155 days at surface
Sleep Current28 uA
Transmit Current70 mA (avg 30 sec)
Iridium9603 Iridium Transceiver
AntennaXeos proprietary antenna, designed to withstand high pressure environments
LocalBluetooth Low Energy (BTLE)
Standard EnclosureDimensions: 48.92 cm L x 5.08 cm diam (19.26" L x 2.00" diam)
Weight: 987 g - in water, 1407 g - out of water
Optional EnclosureDimensions: 42.35 cm x 5.08 cm diam (16.675" L x 2.00" diam)
Weight: 874 g - in water, 1253 g - out of water
MaterialAll titanium with a glass dielectric antenna component
Operating Temperature-40 deg C to + 60 deg C
Depth RatingSubmersible to 11,000 m (36,089 ft)
Compatible With
Xeos Online ConsoleWeb-based control and tracking
BTLE Android AppDiagnostics and commands

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