Apollo Hades

Submersible GPS-LED Flasher Combo (No Iridium)

The Hades is designed to provide position via GNSS to an AUV and surface visibility via an LED flasher. It is a main-source powered, integrated remote head portion of a beacon that does not include Iridium capabilities. Track the asset’s position as it surfaces and is provided a location by the Hades. The GNSS module also allows the user to track the path taken by the asset and a velocity at which it is traveling. The GNSS and LED combo provides a multi-dimensional recovery aid which delivers unparalleled visibility in even the worst conditions. 

A descendant of the Apollo beacon, the Hades is fully submersible and has been rated to 7,500 m (11,000 m option available) below surface. The solid-state surface sensor provides a measure of reliability unavailable in mechanical methods. 

  • Combination GNSS/Flasher
  • Fit for full lifetime of asset deployment
  • Full ocean depth rating (11,000 m) possible 
  • All Titanium enclosure 
  • Configuration via BT 4.0
  • *This product does not include Iridium capabilities, see Apollo for more in Iridium beacons