Apollo X7

11,000 m Submersible Iridium GPS Flasher Beacon
Apollo X7

The Apollo X7 is an independently powered, self-contained GPS Iridium recovery beacon with the power of an ultra-bright LED flasher.

Designed for the tracking and recovery of any high value ocean asset, get notifications of the Apollo X7's arrival at the surface from anywhere on earth via the Iridium satellite communication system. Once you arrive on site, the LED flasher will provide unparalleled visibility even in the worst conditions.

Apollo X7 is fully submersible and has been rated to 11,000m below sea level. A solid-state conductivity sensor detects when the beacon breaks the surface of the water and provides a measure of reliability unavailable in mechanical methods. The Apollo provides superior functionality and flexibility in a small package.

The Apollo X7 is compatible with XeosOnline monitoring software, providing easy monitoring of all your assets in one location. Users can monitor incoming messages, track their assets on the mapping tool, send commands to configure their beacons, and much more!

  • 53.02 cm L x 5.08 cm diam (20.875" L x 2" diam)
  • 3637g in air, 2562g in water
  • Iridium 9603 SBD communications
  • 2-way command & control
  • LED flasher for enhanced visibility
  • Bluetooth app available for easy setup 
  • 7 D-Cell Alkaline batteries
  • 11,000 m depth rating
  • Pressure tolerant titanium & glass enclosure
  • Enters low power sleep mode when underwater
  • Deployment example: 2 years underwater, 125 days at the surface (hourly GPS messages, 1 flash every 10s)