Apollo Relay

Combined Tracking Beacon & Data Relay

Xeos Marine Relays are versatile, ruggedized data transmission platforms for command and control of all your remote sensor data. Quickly and easily integrated with your data collection device, Xeos Relays enable global data transmission in marine environments. Utilizing Iridium Short Burst Data communication, the Xeos Relays transmit data as email or over IP.

The Apollo Relay, a sister-product to the Apollo, is a submersible (to 7,500 m) titanium beacon with RS-232 communication built in. It retains its function as an asset recovery beacon, but also serves as a serial relay to an underwater vehicle or platform. While at the surface, the Apollo Relay acquires its position via GPS and passes the coordinates into the vehicle over RS-232. This gives the vehicle valuable information when it surfaces that can impact mission decisions. It also reports this GPS information over the Iridium network to the end-user in real time – as a normal beacon does. Once this information is received, the operator can then send commands to the Apollo Relay that can be anything from changing the flash rate on the beacon itself, to new mission activities for the vehicle. It gives the user the ability to communicate with a vehicle or platform remotely.

  • Remotely configure & monitor
  • Wake on input function - trigger or serial port
  • Use & combine multiple event rules
  • Two-way communication
  • Relays can communicate directly with each other
  • On board storage of 8 MB (optional 2 GB)
  • Output on command to external relay
  • 3D accelerometer with optional configuration for motion detection or angle estimation
  • Optional GPS for location or timing functions
  • Optional 11,000 m depth rating