Ares Duo Sensor

Optical Turbidity & Chlorophyll-a Sensor

The Ares Duo is an all-in-one turbidity and chlorophyll-a sensor designed for easy integration to measure key water quality parameters. Featuring state of the art technology, the Ares Duo is perfect for measuring water clarity for environmental water quality monitoring, oceanographic research, marine operations and aquaculture monitoring.

  • Resolution                                  Turbidity: 0.1 NTU       Chlorophyll: 0.1 μg/L 
  • Excitation Wavelength       Turbidity: 850 nm         Chlorophyll: 465 nm
  • Excitation Bandwidth          Turbidity: 30 nm            Chlorophyll: 18 nm
  • Depth rating 500m
  • 10.90 cm (4.30 in.) long and 4.45 cm (1.75 in.) diameter
  • Ultra bright energy-efficient LEDs
  • Fiber optics to improve efficiency and size
  • Individually calibrated with laboratory standards
  • Gain switching to maximize resolution
  • Configurable digital output
  • Anti-biofouling faceplate