Ares Turbidity Sensor

Optical Turbidity Sensor

The Ares Turbidity Sensor features state of the art technology for measuring water clarity for environmental water quality monitoring, oceanographic research, marine operations and aquaculture monitoring. The Ares is based on the optical measurement principle, using ultra bright, energy-efficient infrared LEDs as an excitation source and detectors to measure infrared light reflected by suspended particulate material in a water volume. These digital optical sensors are programmed with a calibrated response to reflected light that can be converted to quantitative measurements of turbidity (measured in Nephelometric Turbidity Units or NTUs).

  • Resolution of 0.1 NTU (0-1500 range)
  • Depth rating 500m
  • Wavelength 850 nm
  • Optical bandwidth 30 nm
  • 10.50 cm (4.13 in.) long and 3.175 cm (1.25 in.) diameter
  • Ultra bright energy-efficient infrared LEDs
  • Fiber optics to improve efficiency and size
  • Individually calibrated with laboratory standards
  • Gain switching to maximize resolution
  • Digital and analog output
  • Anti-biofouling faceplate


The Ares uses ChibiOS Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). Visit their website  for more information.