Wave Monitoring using GNSS
Brizo Product Image

Need to add a wave sensor to your equipment?

Measure, record, and transmit directional wave coefficients & spectra.

Wave Statistics: Max Wave Height, Significant Wave Height, Average Wave Height, Peak Period, Mean Wave Direction, Mean Spread (These are frequently used wave stats but not a complete list).

Brizo  Wave motion sensor using GPS and GLONASS, L1&L2 signals designed to store data internally, or interface with an external datalogger. Includes power cable, RF cable, GNSS antenna, USB cable, serial cable.


Brizo-I    - Includes Iridium communications on Brizo, Iridium modem and antenna.
Brizo-C  - Includes cellular communications on Brizo, cellular modem and antenna.
Brizo-R  - Includes 900MHz radio communications on Brizo, radio transceiver and antenna.

  • Measure both wave height & direction
  • Wave Motion Sensor using GPS and GLONASS, L1 & L2 Signals
  • Internal Logger
  • Cellular Module for data transmission
  • Iridium SBD Module for unlimited range & ocean-wide coverage
  • UHF Radio for line of sight data retrieval
  • Measures max wave height, significant wave height, average wave height, peak period, mean wave direction and mean spread