Wave Monitoring using GNSS
Brizo Product Image

Need to add a wave sensor to your equipment?

The Brizo Directional Wave Height Sensor utilizes Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to measure wave statistics. Since the Brizo uses GNSS to calculate its heading, no calibration is required. The sensor is housed in a robust enclosure for rough environments. The sensor runs autonomously and can record data to SD cards, output over RS-232 or send messages over one of the embedded telemetry options available.

Wave Statistics: Max Wave Height, Significant Wave Height, Peak Period, Mean Wave Direction, Mean Spread (These are frequently used wave stats but not a complete list).

Brizo  Wave motion sensor using GPS and GLONASS, L1&L2 signals designed to store data internally, or interface with an external datalogger. Includes power cable, RF cable, GNSS antenna, USB cable, serial cable.


Brizo-I    - Includes Iridium communications on Brizo, Iridium modem and antenna.
Brizo-C  - Includes cellular communications on Brizo, cellular modem and antenna.
Brizo-R  - Includes 900MHz radio communications on Brizo, radio transceiver and antenna.

  • Measure both wave height & direction
  • Wave Motion Sensor using GPS and GLONASS, L1 & L2 Signals
  • Internal Logger
  • Cellular Module for data transmission
  • Iridium SBD Module for unlimited range & ocean-wide coverage
  • UHF Radio for line of sight data retrieval
  • Measures max wave height, significant wave height, average wave height, peak period, mean wave direction and mean spread