Direction Finder

VHF Beacon Direction Finder
direction finder product

The Xeos Technologies DirectionFinder combines an R-1000 Telemetry receiver and a directional Yagi antenna into a single handheld unit for locating VHF emitting beacons, such as the XMB. The directional nature of the antenna allows users to locate their beacon based on the volume of pulses coming from the receiver.

Prior to deployment, the XMB is programmed to emit a pulse on one of four selectable frequencies between 154.585 MHz and 160.785 MHz. The XMB will emit a 1 to 4 second pulse at the selected frequency when it has surfaced. Once the user is within range to pick up the signal on the direction finder, the relative volume of the pulse is used to pin-point the direction of the beacon.


The DirectionFinder comes with the following components:

  • Yagi Uda directional antenna
  • R-1000 Telemetry receiver w/ rechargeable batteries
  • BNC connector