EasyGo Program

Get up and running quickly.

It can be as easy as pulling a pin from an OSKER, or waving a magnet on top of an Apollo.

At Xeos Technologies we pride ourselves on our simplified use when it comes to setting up your products pre-deployment. Out on the ocean, anything can happen and we provide your best opportunity for success on the market with XeosBeacons products.

Need to activate your beacon with Iridium? Just contact activations@xeostech.com and fill out the activation form. We will have your beacon activated in 24 hours. Need it done in the next 15 minutes? Call us and we can make that happen.

Bluetooth Configuration

Configuration is also a concern when setting up your asset recovery beacons before sending them to full ocean depths. Every deployment is different and will have unique recovery conditions.

Our BlueTooth enabled XeosBeacons leave no opportunity for confusion as to what will happen at surface. Set-up can be done from a cell phone through our Android app.

It’s that easy!

XeosOnline App
Osker Pull Tab and Instructions

Easy Activation

Our activation methods are Reed Switch based, which consists of an internal switch triggered by a magnet applied externally to the housing of the device. This action provides power to the device from the batteries or external power unit. In the OSKER, the Reed Switch is connected to a red tab on the outside that you pull - a 1 step activation.

Battery changes should not need a shipment back to the factory. All of our MicroBeacon products use familiar alkaline batteries that can be easily found in many different ports of entry.

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Have a question? All of our product manuals can be found online at http://manuals.xeostech.com

Still have a question? Email us at support@xeostech.com and we will do our best to get back to you right away.