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Heriot Watt iAtlantic Deep Sea Research Project

Xeos is happy to announce we have been featured in the February 2021 edition of the Subsea UK Magazine.  

Subsea Commercial Services, Xeos' Scottish sales representative, was delighted to supply Heriot-Watt University with a range of our asset tracking and recovery beacons for deployment during the iAtlantic research programme. 

The Deep-Sea Ecology and Biogeochemistry Research Team at Heriot-Watt have deployed autonomous seafloor landers to assess the health of the Atlantic Ocean ecosystem. Xeos XMB-11K beacons and XMF-11K LED flashers have been mounted to the landers as a part of the planned recovery which will take place after one year of research on the seafloor. Xeos XMA-11K Agros satellite beacons have also been mounted to prevent against any unplanned surfacing event of the landers. 

Programme co-lead and Head of Deep-Sea Ecology at Heriot-Watt, Professor Andrew K. Sweetman said the following:

"We're delighted to be using Xeos equipment supplied by Subsea Commercial Services  that will aid in the recovery of our lander platforms. The Deep-Sea Ecology and Biogeochemistry research group at Lyell Centre operate the largest and most advanced lander fleet in the UK and getting equipment back from deep sea is a key objective to us during each expedition. We currently have 13 deep-sea expeditions scheduled over the next 5 years and continue to use Xeos systems that we've always found reliable, lightweight and more than capable of coping with the day-to-day stresses that we put on these systems." 

Feel free to check out the Subsea UK Magazine for yourself, we’re located on page 38! Subsea UK February 2021

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