Subsurface Iridium Mooring Beacon
KILO Iridium Beacon

The KILO Subsurface Iridium Satellite Mooring Location Beacon is a self-contained submersible beacon with miniature, Iridium satellite transceiver that is fully submersible to 2500m.The internal, customer replaceable AA battery pack, lasts over a year in deployment.

With the KILO oceanographic and environmental instrument mooring professionals have greater control in instantly and accurately locating and recovering high value, free drifting assets at sea.

  • 2750g in air, 1550g in water
  • Iridium Comms
  • 12 AA-cell Alkaline batteries
  • Deployment time: 547 days below the surface, 31 days at the surface (3 hour position messages)
  • Mooring depth rated to 2500m
  • Real-Time GPS notifications upon surfacing
  • Up to 547 days below the surface; 31 days at the surface (3 hour position messages)
  • Customer replaceable battery pack
  • Proprietary water sense circuit for immediate notification of surfacing event (Optional Tilt Activation)