Nemo X

Submersible Data Relay for Autonomous Vehicles
Nemo X

The Nemo X is a versatile data relay designed to send data and commands to a marine vehicle or platform, easily interact with any connected device with the built in RS-232 communications. Operators can send personalized commands to their vehicle using the Nemo X, which can be anything from powering their device On/Off to relaying important data recorded while at sea. Commands are sent remotely via Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) communications.

While its primary function is to relay data, the Nemo X also acts as a recovery beacon in case of vehicle malfunction or failure. While at the surface, the beacon acquires its position via GPS and passes the coordinates via Iridium back to the user in real time. The data relay and recovery beacon combination makes the Nemo X one of the most diverse oceanographic products on the market.

The Nemo X is compatible with XeosOnline monitoring software, providing easy monitoring of all your assets in one location. Users can monitor incoming messages, track their assets on the mapping tool, send commands to configure their beacons, and much more!

  • 10.31 cm L x 5.08 cm diam (4.06" L x 2" diam)
  • 557g in air, 370g in water
  • Iridium 9603 SBD communications
  • 2-way command & control
  • LED flasher for enhanced visibility
  • Built in RS-232 communication to easily interact with any device connected
  • External power required
  • 7500 m depth rating
  • Pressure tolerant titanium & glass enclosure
  • Enters low power sleep mode when underwater