Oil Spill & Current Tracking

There are many reasons why marine operators and scientists need to track and measure ocean currents, for example, for tracking oil spills. Reliable, continuous location information from the ocean’s surface can be difficult to gather. OSKER and ROBY offer global 2-way communications coverage via the Iridium satellite system in a small, rugged package with sophisticated on-board programming. These systems can be tracked and configured remotely through the cloud using the XeosOnline™ monitoring system.

The OSKER is a single-use surface tracker, with integrated antennas and power. Deployed in a group, OSKERs provide accurate real-time tracking over an area of the ocean’s surface, mapping currents, oil spills, or other phenomenon. A “Watch Circle” can be set to trigger automatic notification if any of the units travel outside a designated area.

The ROBY is a re-usable surface tracker with antennas and user replaceable batteries. Information can be received via plaintext email and/or monitored using the cloud-based XeosOnline™ monitoring software, providing map level positioning and history. 2-way communication via Iridium allows for remote changes to the watch circle settings or reporting intervals.

container ship with oil spill

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