Onyx Flat LV

Low Profile Iridium Asset Tracker
Onyx Flat

The Onyx Flat LV (Low Voltage) is an extremely small GPS Satellite tracker that tracks mobile assets with seamless coverage globally. Small size, robust design and ease of mounting are key to a quick installation and successful operation. The Iridium satellite constellation with 66 satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and truly global coverage provide low-latency two-way communication with the Onyx.

The Onyx Flat LV has a lower profile for smaller locations, but does not come with an enclosure. They are available as 3.6 V, but not as our standard 12 V. Like the Onyx Stack, it must be powered externally.

Onyx Flat LV is compatible with the XeosOnline™ monitoring software, providing data analytics & monitoring functions for all applications. XeosOnline™ provides street map positioning, alarm notifications for a variety of triggers and conditions, and over the air command & control of the Onyx.

  • 6.65 cm L x 3.15 cm W x 1.27 cm H
  • Integrated antennas
  • Two-way global communication via Iridium satellite
  • User configurable I/O
  • XeosOnline™ compatible
  • Available Encryption
  • Communications: 9603 Iridium Transceiver