Marine Iridium Asset Tracker

The Onyx-WB is an extremely small GPS Satellite tracker that tracks mobile assets with seamless coverage globally. Small size, robust design and ease of mounting are key to a quick installation and successful operation. Messages and GPS locations are sent using the Iridium satellite constellation, a global coverage, low-latency two-way communication network.

The Onyx-WB is the marine variant of the Onyx designed for static mounting. The wings on the sides of the WB’s enclosure allow for mounting to frames of objects. Ideal for ships, boats, buoys and other surface vehicles.

The Onyx-WB is compatible with XeosOnline monitoring software, providing easy monitoring of all your assets in one location. Users can monitor incoming messages, track their assets on the mapping tool, send commands to configure their beacons, and much more!

  • 5.18 cm L x 7.35 cm W x 2.80 cm H
  • Iridium 9603 SBD communications
  • 2-way command & control
  • External power required
  • User configurable I/O
  • XeosOnline™ compatible
  • Available Encryption