Petrel X Remote Head

Submersible AIS-Compatible MicroBeacon
Petrel X Rh

The Petrel X Remote head is an AIS-compatible recovery beacon that operates analogous to an AIS Aid to Navigation (AtoN). Designed for short range tracking and recovery, the Petrel X automatically displays its location on nearby vessels AIS chartplotter when within sufficient range. With no additional devices, software, or data plans required, the Petrel X is the most convenient recovery beacon on the market.. All Xeos remote head beacons require an external power supply.

The remote head option provides tremendous flexibility when installing. A flexible cable joins the remote head to an external power supply. The beacon retains the critical specifications of the original device including power consumption and durability.

Ask your Xeos representative today about the battery pack and cable options we have available. 

  • Automatically displays its location on nearby vessels AIS chartplotter
  • No additional devices, data plans, or software required
  • Bluetooth app available for easy setup 
  • External power supply required
  • Submersible to 6,000m
  • Enters low power sleep mode when underwater
  • Pressure tolerant titanium & glass enclosure