Iridium Based Surface Beacon
Rover Iridium Beacon

The Rover is an independently powered, self-contained satellite transceiver designed to work in the most rugged ocean environments. Things don’t always follow plan, so the Rover features independent dual GPS and Iridium patch antennas so that in the event the surface expression is flipped over, the unit will continue to record its position and transmit it back to you. Packaged in a ruggedized, UV protected, marine grade housing the Rover makes use of the low power, real time Iridium satellite constellation and GPS to reliably transmit the buoy’s position automatically or on demand at any time.

  • 1055g in air, 378g in water
  • Waterproof to 100m
  • Iridium Comms
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE)
  • 18 AA-cell Alkaline batteries
  • Deployment time: 1096 days at the surface (once a day SOH message, checking its position every 3 hours within the watch circle)
  • Two antennas at the top and bottom allow the unit to collect and transmit data even if it is capsized
  • Command & Control App