The Xeos Story

Committed to our customers

We design and manufacture telemetry and data collection products for reliable & innovative ways to track, monitor and control moorings, buoys and autonomous vehicles in harsh environments.

Xeos Technologies Inc. has been designing and manufacturing low power monitoring equipment for remote applications since our beginning in 2004.  We have designed many, many products over the years, some of which are highlighted in our history below:


Xeos was formed when 3 engineers left a great local engineering company to start an even greater one.


First mooring product development and our first utilizing Iridium (Casabel).


Development of the Hammerhead miniaturized Argos-2 PTT transmitter.


Development of the first Sable Iridium Mooring Recovery Beacon for deep deployments (5000m).


Development of the first surface Iridium mooring beacon (Melo).


Design of the first micro recovery beacons (LED flashers). Redesign of Sable antenna using Xeos proprietary Iridium/GPS design.


Design of Radio micro beacon (XMB) and Argos micro beacon (XMA) rated for 7500m depth.


Development of the KILO beacon for 1000m depths (later revised to 2500m).


Design of the next generation Argos transmitter.


Design of the ROVER surface beacon featuring a novel antenna and battery pack design.


Mechanical re-design of Micro Beacon line to 11,000m (full ocean depth) and the addition of the XMI beacon to the lineup. Development of the Onyx miniaturized satellite GPS tracker.


Design of the Apollo Beacon, a combined LED flasher and Iridium location beacon with an 11,000m depth rating.


Development of the OSKER, low cost, disposable ocean surface tracker.


Development of our own Yagi 160Mhz receiver antenna used with the XMB transmitter to aid in mooring recovery. Began the migration of L1 only GPS products to multi constellation GNSS.


Development of the BRIZO ocean wave sensor. This new GNSS based sensor accurately calculates the first 5 wave coefficients.