Global Access to Your Data & Devices

A web-hosted application that streamlines and facilitates the management of your Iridium, Argos and cellular devices. A single source for device management, team setup, notification and alarm management, data collection, analysis and billing – XeosOnline™ puts it all at your fingertips.

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Project Administration

Manage multiple divisions, teams, projects and devices easily with three levels of user role. Secure communications available with encrypted messaging.

Iridium Account Management

As an established Iridium Value Added Reseller (VAR), Xeos offers Iridium service packages and modems.

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RUDICS Tunnel Application

It can be challenging to manage large volumes of data, let alone in challenging environments. The RUDICS Tunnel application is an optional module for XeosOnline™ which provides global connectivity and flexible streaming up time for your third party data collection devices. When paired with a Xeos Iridium RUDICS enabled modem, XeosOnline™ eliminates the difficulty of integrating Iridium RUDICS connectivity to your remote devices. You can connect to any of your IP enabled device(s) in remote locations through the XeosOnline™ RUDICS tunneling feature.