Self-Contained Submersible Argos Beacon

The XMA-11K is an independently powered, self-contained Argos beacon that is fully submersible up to 11,000m (36,089 ft). This beacon is designed to protect your valuable assets and make their recovery even easier.

Inside the XMA-11K’s titanium chassis is a fully functional Argos PTT (Stand-alone transmitter) that can be quickly integrated into mission-specific packages, or used alone to gather Doppler-based position information. The circuit board benefits from an incredibly small package and advanced power management, making it an ideal choice for long range, long term monitoring projects. Advanced firmware provides multiple options for data acquisition.

The XMA-11K is intended for instantly and accurately locating and recovering high value, free drifting assets at sea with Argos Doppler accuracy. After being activated, the XMA-11K is submerged (to a maximum depth of 11,000 meters), where it enters Underwater Mode. Here, it monitors water conductivity between the top disk and the bulkhead for up to 2 years. Once it reaches the surface, XMA-11K will transmit its Doppler position. XMA-11K will continue to transmit its Doppler position until it is manually turned off, the battery pack drops below the minimum voltage requirement of 7V, or the XMA-11K is re-submerged.

  • 921g in air, 652g in water
  • Argos Comms
  • 6 AA-cell Alkaline batteries
  • Deployment time: 547 days below the surface, 65 days at the surface (90s rep rate)
  • Solid state surface sensor
  • Low power consumption for extended deployments
  • Global coverage through the Argos system