Self-Contained Submersible VHF Beacon
XMB-11k VHF Beacon

The Xmb-11K is an independently powered, self-contained RF beacon that is fully submersible to 11,000 m (36,089 ft). the depth rating on this beacon will take you wherever you need to go under any ocean. this beacon has been designed to protect your valuable assets and make their recovery even easier. from the Grade 9 titanium and glass enclosure, the available remote head, to the solid state surface sensor, the Xmb-11K represents a huge step forward for submersible vhf beacons.

  • 943g in air, 674g in water
  • VHF Comms
  • 6 AA-cell Alkaline batteries
  • Deployment time: 547 days below the surface; 14 days at the surface
  • Detectable from 12 kilometres
  • Low power consumption for extended employments
  • Solid state surface sensor