Self-Contained Submersible LED Flasher
XMF-11K LED Flasher with remote head

The Xmf-11K is an independently powered, self-contained surface flasher that is fully submersible to 11,000 m (36,089 ft). The depth rating on this beacon will take you wherever you need to go under any ocean. this flasher has been designed from the ground up to exceed your expectations. our super- bright led provides unparalleled visibility in even the worst conditions and the reliability provided by our solid state surface sensor is a significant improvement over mechanical methods. The Xmf-11K provides superior functionality in a miniaturized package.

  • 918g in air, 637g in water
  • 11,000m depth rating
  • LED Comms
  • 6 AA-cell Alkaline batteries
  • Grade 9 Titanium

Deployment time: 

  • 547 days below the surface
  • 160 days at the surface  (Single flash, every 30 seconds)