XMF Flare

Emergency ROV/AUV Recovery Beacon
XMF Flare

The XMF Flare is a specialized version of the XMF LED Flasher, designed to alert ROV/AUV operators of potential issues with their vehicles. The XMF Flare comes with a bottom-mounted, normally closed relay switch. When power is supplied from the vehicle via cable, the relay remains open, cutting power to the Flare. If the vehicle encounters an issue and power is lost, the relay is closed and the Flare turns on and operates according to its user programmable settings. The ultra-bright LED (available in multiple colour options), provides unparalleled visibility in even the worst conditions. 

The XMF Flare is employed in situations when a user wishes to be alerted visually when vehicle power is lost. When not using this feature, a connector plug can be added and the unit can be used as a typical XMF. 

A longer version with a 7500 m depth rating is also available. 

  • Relay switch for detecting power from vehicle
  • Ultra-bright LED Flasher available in multiple colours
  • 1000 m depth rating
  • 393 g in air; 238 g in water
  • 3 CR123A 3 V Lithium batteries
  • Grade 9 Titanium

Long tube version:

  • 7500 m depth rating
  • 862 g in air; 623 g in water
  • 5 AA batteries