XMF Mini

Compact Submersible LED Flasher
XMF mini

The XMF Mini is a compact version of the XMF-11K, powered by 3 CR123A Lithium batteries. The XMF Mini retains all the operational characteristics of the regular XMF, but is designed for shorter-term deployments. The ultra-bright LED provides unparalleled visibility in even the worst conditions.

The XMF Mini is intended for locating and recovering high value, free drifting assets at sea. After being activated, the XMF Mini is submerged, where it enters an Underwater Mode. Here, it monitors water conductivity and The LED will not flash while submerged.

Once it reaches the surface, the XMF Mini will begin to flash to aid in your recovery process. The device will not flash during daytime, and/or if it is oriented upside down. 

The XMF Mini employs a different magnetic reed switch from other models. Removing the external magnet strap from the enclosure turns the device ON, and restoring the magnet turns power OFF. 


  • Ultra-bright LED Flasher - different colours available
  • 1000 m depth rating
  • 23.0 cm L x 2.9 cm D 
  • 380 g in air, 270 g in water
  • Pressure tolerant titanium & glass enclosure
  • Enters low power sleep mode when underwater
  • Deployment example: 1 year underwater, 15 days at the surface (1 flash every 10s)